Training Lessons

Be your own trainer

Do you want to train your own horse but don't know how? With the experience and guidance of a certified Natural Horsemanship Trainer with you, now you can. We offer training lessons in:


  • Horsemanship
  • Round Penning
  • Ground Work
  • Ground Manners
  • Do It Yourself Training to Saddle 
  • Basic Under Saddle
  • Advanced Under Saddle
  • Trail Preparation
  • Problem Solving
  • Greenbroke and Beyond

Wise Way Training Stables was established in 2013 with the owner on the premises. We offer a heated tack room,10'x12' matted  box stalls, 60'x120' indoor arena, 60' round pen and private trails and close to miles of public trails. Horses here enjoy daily turnout in our paddocks or pasture.

  • Horse Boarding Due to Covid 19 we are no longer able to offer this service at this time. Please check in for updates.

  • Horse Training- Colt Starting to Advanced Under Saddle, Problem Solving

  • Horse Training Lessons- Horsemanship, Round Penning, Ground Work, Ground Manners, Problem Solving and more...

  • Riding Lessons-Private or Group, Beginner to Advanced

  • Reiki 

  • Clinics and Demos

About Our Facility


The following is a list of our clinic formats. To learn which clinics are currently scheduled please go to our events page. To inquire about hosting one of these clinics at your facility just email or give us a call at 315-626-2461.

  • Foundation Principles Level 1
  • Foundation Principles Level 2
  • Self Help for Riders
  • Trail Riders
  • Equitation
  • Complete Ground Manners


Stall Board


  • 10'x12' Box Stall
  • Hay
  • Grain
  • Water
  • Daily Turnout (weather permitting)


Centered Riding Lessons

What's your interest?

Whether your just starting out, or are a seasoned rider, we custom tailor our lessons to the rider's ability level.

  • Western
  • English
  • Beginner to Advanced



Certified Natural Horsemanship Training

We do take a limited number of horses in for training year round. No matter what the discipline, from unbroke horses to advanced training we will work to bring out the best in your horse. Our training and conditioning program develops relaxation, trust, focus, willingness and athleticism in the horse both through groundwork and under saddle training. For availability and rates please email or call us at 315-626-2461; spots are very limited, so contact us today.

What We Offer