Equissage Pulse delivers powerful cycloidal (three way) vibrations to the whole body, which have been scientifically proven to improve local blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, relaxation and joint mobility. The system can also actively treat a number of specific problems, as well as helping to maintain peak condition and general good health. 

Safe, Versatile, non-invasive and easy to use, the system is suitable for every horse, in every discipline. From happy hackers to top competition horses, Equissage Pulse has the ability to improve the lives of many horses and ponies worldwide. Excellent for "warming up" and "cooling down" before and after exercise. Equissage Pulse also reduces the risk of performance related injuries.  

Megan Jones, Olympic Medalist on Equissage "Equissage is basically a deep massager. It actually makes the blood spin, so the effect is very deep. What I love about it is that it is very effective in loosening horses up and warming horses up before I get on and cooling them down afterward. Since I've been using Equissage, I definitely notice a difference in my horse's recovery after cross-country. It is very effective at keeping the horses supple between cross-country and the show jumping."

Introduction - Niagara Equissage
Paul Magee of Equine Products LLC. discusses the use and benefits of the Niagara Equissage Pulse therapy system.

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Niagara Equissage delivers gentle but very deeply penetrating cycloidal (three-way) vibrations to the whole body, which have been scientifically proven to improve local blood circulation lymphatic drainage, joint mobility and relaxation. All of these improvements are beneficial for your horse’s performance, health and recovery from injuries and other conditions.

This thermography shows how Niagara Equissage  increases the blood flow in a horse with poor circulation.

First Photo Row: Horse Before Niagara Equissage Treatment. Blue/Green indicates areas of poor circulation.

Second Photo Row: 5 Minutes After Niagara Equissage Treatment. Yellow/Red indicates improved circulation.

Third Photo Row: 5 Hours After Niagara Equissage Treatment. Shows continued improved circulation.Type your paragraph here.

Michael Matz, trainer of two U.S. Classic winners in Barbaro and Union Rags, discusses his use of the Niagara Equissage Therapy System.

Give your horse the benefits of Niagara Equissage Pulse

Equissage has been developed from Niagara Healthcare physiotherapy products that have been used on humans for both injuries and mobility for over 50 years. This equipment is used in hospitals, clinics, and sports clubs and it is also built into furniture for home use.

Through ongoing research conducted in hospitals, universities and research institutions this form of treatment has been proven to be totally non-aggressive and free from side effects. 

Essential for your horse’s health and performance, Niagara Equissage also helps promote healing and speeds up recovery while promoting your horse’s general well being.

Safe, non-invasive, versatile and easy to use, Niagara Equissage is designed for every horse in every discipline. The system is excellent for Warming Up or Cooling Down before and after exercise, as well as a wide range of conditions.

Niagara Equissage is used worldwide by trainers, owners, vets and therapists, and is specifically effective for:

Performance Improvement
Injury/Problem Prevention
Injury Recovery/Rehabilitation
Health Maintenance

Equissage is not just confined to the race track, in the Equestrian world top owners, trainers and even Australia's best competitors use it. A few of Australia's best competitors explain how Equissage relaxes their horses before their working routine and keeps them warm and supple. Equissage can be used on all types of horses and it cuts down warm up time and helps prevent being tied up.